Trading Costs Breakdown

If you’re going to trade using leverage, and chances are you will, you’re going to need to consider a few things. The key things to think about are the spreads and any commissions we might charge. You’ll also want to think about some other potential charges, which might influence the additional fees.

uexo’s Spreads & Commissions

When you trade with us, you’re charged a spread and/ or commission when you trade. Both the spread and the commission you pay are viewed as a direct charge and you’ll need to factor these charges into your trading strategy. Check out the spreads and commissions for all our instruments below.

swaps swaps


Swaps or Swap Fees are incurred if you hold open positions past the daily cut-off time, which at uexo is at 10pm UK time (GMT).

You’re charged a swap when there’s an interest adjustment made to your account. We do this so as to reflect the cost of funding your position.

It’s good to know that triple swap charges happen every Wednesday, and these triple swap charges are applied to any trading positions that relate to FX & Metals.

Another good point to remember is that triple swap charges happen every Friday, and these are applied to positions opened that relate to Stocks, Energies & Indices.

Our rock-bottom pricing isn’t the only reason traders are flocking to uexo.

Outstanding Trading Conditions

One of our key pillars is offering you the very best we can give when it comes to our trading conditions. Check us out, you’ll see we’ve pulled this off!

Super-Fast Deposits & Withdrawals

We know how important deposits, & especially withdrawals are to you. Retrieving your winnings or your funds is massively important. We won’t let you down.

We really do care about you

The uexo Management Team has well over 100 years combined trading experience when it comes to ensuring traders are cared for properly. You’re our #1 priority!

Truly Awesome Customer Care

No matter what your question is, we’re on hand to help. We’re good at helping and uexo’s Customer Care Team is geared at helping and problem solving.

Fully Regulated & Licenced

We’re regulated by the FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority) as well as the FSC. We really care about being regulated & more importantly, trusted.

Our job is to give you peace of mind

If you’re happy, we’re happy. uexo is built on smiles, and fairly quickly, you’ll see that we’re not your standard broker. Peace of mind guaranteed!

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